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Kids say the funniest things:

*When teacher asked him, "Where is your patience?"  Two-year old Zachary replied, "I didn't bring it today."

*One day when a housefly continued annoying the teachers and children, 3-year old Lawson asked, "Can you spank the fly with the swa-matter?" (meaning to say "fly-swatter")

*3-year old Kaden said during lunch, "Mrs. Annie, I'm eating all my Bikini" (Zucchini).  We laughed so hard, our sides ached.

*4-year old Cole said, "my dad is not very smart!"  Teacher:  "Why not?"  Cole:  "Because he's just too old!"  4-year old Kaden chimed in, "well, MY dad IS very smart....he can build a PIRATE ship" (spoken with very exaggerated voice inflection).  Then, Kaden added, "AND a ROCKET!"

*3-year old Brittany said, "when Mommy grows up, I will drive the car and I will get the front and Mommy will be in the back."