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Teacher's Note:  This story was created by the 3-5 year olds.  The teacher began the first sentence and each child continued the story in turn.  Teacher prompted occasionally and facilitated as necessary to ensure that the story progressed toward an end.  The children really enjoyed this activity which encourages their imagination as well as developing language and communication skills and social-emotional well-being.  This story was dictated and written on Thursday, March 19th, 2015


A tale about Greenlin ‘o’ Trashy.

By Annie's Playhouse Kids (3-5 year olds)

This is a story about a very mischievous Leprechaun who got in my house.


            One day, a little green Leprechaun named Greenlin ‘o’ Trashy got into my house.  I knew this when all of a sudden, I heard a strange noise…”Boom, Crash, Bang!”  The Leprechaun made a mess, and then, “Boom, Crash, Bang!”  Another sound was heard.  He had made a mess in the playroom, and I discovered it.  Toys and a whole bunch of trash were all over the floor.  Then, I walked into the kitchen and he had spilled some milk all over the kitchen counter.   And then, it came to me that someone had to pick this up.

            “Oh, I have to get this mess cleaned up before my mother comes home.  Oh dear, what am I going to do?  Who made this mess?  What was in my house?”

            Then I went into my bedroom, and there he was.  I saw it, a Leprechaun (he must have forgot to make himself invisible).  So, I tricked him.  I scared him with a knife and I put a mask on.  I scared him so badly, that I chased him out of the house. 

            But, I still had the mess to clean up.  Suddenly, I heard another “Boom” coming from my daddy’s room.  I went in there and there was the Leprechaun back in my house, and he was spraying daddy’s perfume all over his room.  Then he ran out.  So, I made a trap for him this time and I put what he likes in the trap.  He ran into the trap to get what he likes and I quickly shut the gate.  While he was trapped in there, I threw him out of the house and away.

            Then “Boom!”  I heard it again.  A Leprechaun was back in my house and took all my toys from me.  How did he escape the cage I had trapped him in, I wondered to myself.   The bars must have been too big and he was so tiny that he could fit out of the cage.  I should have made a smaller cage.  How in the world am I going to clean up all this mess he made? 

All of the sudden, my luck turned in my favor, and the Leprechaun’s mother showed up.  She put the toys back and cleaned up all the mess.  She was very nice.  Suddenly, a storm came and a tornado cleaned up the entire house and carried away the Leprechaun and his mother and returned them safely to the land from which they had come.  The land of the Leprechauns ‘o’ Trashy.   Now that there are no more Leprechauns in my house, this tale must come to an end.